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Chef Steph Curry Plans to Open His Own Indian Restaurant

By Saagar Sanghavi

Though many know him only for his talent as a nation-wide basketball star, Stephen “Chef Steph” Curry has other passions. In fact, his surname is derived from an interest that runs in the family - Indian cooking! As the peak of his career started to wane, Curry made a decision that surprised millions - to quit playing for the NBA and start his own Gujarati cuisine. His plan is to launch a chain of Indian restaurants, complete with hand-rolled chapattis and oven-baked tandoori naan along with a vast plethora of choices for vegetable, subzi, daal, biryani, mithai, and of course, curry. 

Courtesy of YouTube

Courtesy of YouTube

Said Curry, “I was good at basketball, but Indian cooking was something that I truly loved. I decided to leave something that I didn’t enjoy and follow my true ambitions to start an Indian restaurant.”

Curry plans to name his new eatery “Curry’s Curries” and hopes to identify a target audience among the enormous Indian-American population living in the San Francisco Bay Area. He has already begun hiring sous chefs and waiters to staff his restaurant and anticipates a massive turnout on opening day. 

“I’ve already got a huge following from basketball, so I’m sure this restaurant will do well and have a lot of customers, no matter the quality of the food I serve. Anyways, most of the customers would just want to have the privilege of eating something that I’ve made myself, so I don’t really care too much about what they think,” said Curry with an air of cockiness. “I’m making sure to have plenty of fancy inky pens for any autographs, and to be honest, I don’t anticipate having much time to actually cook.”

Though his first restaurant has not even opened yet, Curry has plans to launch a large chain across the Silicon Valley and is almost certain that he’ll be successful. He also plans on promoting his business through SilVille and KLOK 1170 AM.  

Though an unprecedented and completely unexpected move, consumers look forward to seeing what Chef Curry can whip up and if he’s ready to adapt to the competitive world of culinary arts.