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Most Anticipated Movies of 2017

Utkarsh Tandon

Without a doubt, 2017 has an impressive list of upcoming blockbuster films. Whether it’s action, comedy, horror, or drama 2017 looks to be a good year for movie watchers. To give a glimpse of the future, here’s a compiled list of the most anticipated films of the new year:

The Lego Batman Movie - February 10

2014’s The Lego Movie was an incredible hit with $470 million in revenue while being completely about plastic bricks. Warner Bros. are following this formula with a spin-off Lego movie based on Gotham city’s Batman.


The Great Wall - February 17

A movie hit with backlash on Matt Damon’s casting in an eastern role comes out in February and is all about guarding The Great Wall of China from more than just unwanted human neighbors.

Beauty and the Beast - March 17

Like Disney's earlier Beauty, this non-animated version draws inspiration from the classic fairy tale about a prince who's cursed with a grotesque appearance, yet finds love with a pure-hearted maiden imprisoned in his castle after her father offers her up in a deal to spare his own life.

The Fate of the Furious - April 14

The Furious franchise continues in April with its 8th installment. The series never ceases to make tons of money at the box office and this movie doesn’t look to break that trend. Given synopsis of the movie finds Dom pulled back "into the world of crime he can't seem to escape and a betrayal of those closest to him."

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 - May 5

The highly anticipated sequel of the successful Guardians of the Galaxy comes out in May. It features the same loved lead character Peter "Star-Lord" Quill (Chris Pratt) along with his ragtag team of intergalactic do-gooders (including Baby Groot).

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales - May 26

Disney looks to continue the Pirates of the Caribbean series with its fifth installment. This adventure sees Captain Jack Sparrow face off against an old nemesis—and sees the return of Will Turner in his new guise as Davy Jones.


Wonder Woman - June 2

Wonder Woman will get her own feature in Summer 2017 as DC Comics look to continue its superhero battle with Marvel.

World War Z 2 - June 9

Another sequel in 2017 brings the zombie thriller World War Z back into action. Starring Brad Pitt again, World War Z 2 hopes to continue the success of its first movie.

Cars 3 - June 16

Disney-Pixar’s Cars is back in action with its third installment Cars 3 (following 2006's Cars and 2011's Cars 2). Kids all around the world look forward to the return of Lightning McQueen (Owen Wilson) and his group of automobile friends.

Transformers: The Last Knight - June 23

The Transformers series doesn’t seem to be ending anytime soon with Mark Wahlberg back as the saga’s human star for another movie filled with Michael Bay directed explosions.

Despicable Me 3 - June 30

The Despicable Me saga continues as well in 2017, with Gru returning with his minions.

Spider-Man: Homecoming - July 7

The Spider-Man universe gets another reboot with actor Tom Holland. The storyline features Robert Downey, Jr.'s Tony Stark playing mentor to young Spidey in his battle against the Vulture (Michael Keaton).

War for the Planet of the Apes - July 14

Planet of the Apes continues its storyline as it picks off from Dawn of the Planet of the Apes grim ending. This third installment looks even more epic than its predecessors as it follows the battle between humans and apes led by Caesar.

Dunkirk - July 21

Christopher Nolan has a new movie, Dunkirk, which comes out in July and is all about the Dunkirk Excavation during the Second World War. Although a thrilling true story on its own, Nolan will no doubt add his own magical storytelling.

Thor: Ragnarok - November 3

The Thor series gets its third installment as well with the hammer-wielding hero (Chris Hemsworth). The Hulk (Mark Ruffalo) will also be joining his fellow Avenger in the movie.

Justice League - November 17

Similar to Marvel’s Avengers, DC Comics looks to build its own all-star superhero team. The Justice League is confirmed to include superhero’s Superman, Wonder Woman, and Batman.

Star Wars: Episode VIII - December 15

To end the busy year Star Wars continues its widely popular saga of seven movies with Star Wars: Episode VIII. Although the film's plot is still unknown, it will sure gain a lot of viewers who are excited to follow the story of Luke Skywalker, Rey, Finn, Kylo Ren, Supreme Leader Snoke, and many more characters. No trailer available.










How Effective are Reality TV shows?

Edward Hsu and Michelle Ma

       Before Kelly Clarkson, One Direction, Fifth Harmony and Cher Lloyd became celebrities, they were young hopefuls on reality television shows. Competitive reality singing shows such as “American Idol” and “The X-Factor” provide a platform for contestants to attract fans, gain recognition and start their own music careers.

       Participants compete in reality television shows with the hopes of propelling their professional careers and attaining fame. Kelly Clarkson, for example, whose songs can still be heard on radio stations and music streaming services today, quickly gained widespread media attention when she became the first winner of “American Idol” in 2002. Similarly, Caleb Johnson, winner of season 13 of “American Idol” in 2014, went on to release his album “Testify,” which debuted at number 24 on the Billboard 200. What makes Johnson’s situation different, however, was that despite his initial fame, Johnson sold only 11,000 copies of his album –– the least sales of any “American Idol” winner to date. To put this into perspective, Kelly Clarkson’s first album, “Thankful,” has sold over 4.5 million copies since its debut. Both Clarkson and Johnson were winners of the same show –– so what made the difference?

       It can be inferred that shows such as “American Idol” are merely outlets for individuals to showcase their talent and ability. What comes after depends on the individuals themselves. This can be compared to how an initial spark –– in this case, a reality television show –– is capable of starting a fire or debuting one’s career, but only with the right circumstances and character.

       In another instance, Justin Guarini, the contestant who lost to Kelly Clarkson in “American Idol,” did not let one failure prevent him from achieving success. Instead, Guarini went on to perform on Broadway in the show “Wicked.” Guarini found his true passion, one that winning the television show may not have been able to provide him. Clearly, the outcomes of these reality television shows do not decide the careers of the competitors.

       This trend is also apparent in “The X-Factor,” another competitive reality singing show. Although initial solo contestants Niall Horan, Liam Payne, Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson and Zayn Malik did not win the show, judge Simon Cowell encouraged the group to form the English boy band “One Direction.” Since then, the band has won 7 awards from the American Music Awards, 20 awards from the MTV Awards, and reached 800,000,000 views on Youtube for the band’s hit song, “What Makes You Beautiful.”

       Despite success stories from winners of competitive reality television shows, the names of most contestants — including those of winners — have never surfaced again. Undoubtedly, a competitive singing television show such as “American Idol” or “The X-Factor” can only provide a small head start for its winners. Whether a contestant will achieve his or her goals depends not on what a show can provide or on their finishing place, but instead depends on various factors including character, talent, and determination. There are countless roads to success, and reality television is just one of them.


Fan Specialities

Caroline Gee




The signs were plastered in 200 coffees shops across the country. While customers would usually be offended by these unconventional rules, crowds were gathering to view the spectacle.

On Oct. 5, from 7 a.m. to noon, Netflix celebrated its upcoming revival of the TV show “Gilmore Girls,” with a coffee-shop takeover; a total of 200 coffee shop were transformed into replicas of the iconic diner, “Luke’s,” where many of the events in the show take place.

The first 250 fans at each location received free coffee, but all attendees were able to attain a themed coffee cup that included a Snapchat code. Workers at every “diner” dressed up to match the occasion, donning blue “Luke’s” aprons and hats. Fans took selfies with cardboard cutouts of the character Luke and soaked in the bustling atmosphere amid replicas of quirky props from the show.

Fortunately, Netflix is not the only company to surprise dedicated fans with free celebratory events. On Oct. 13, Warner Bros held a global fan event in London to generate buzz for its upcoming movie, “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them.” Titled “A Return To J.K. Rowling’s Wizarding World,” the event took place in London but was also live streamed at dozens of theaters across the world and even on Facebook. Fans were treated to a sneak peek preview of the film and Q&A session with the leading stars and director of the movie.

Leading actors Eddie Redmayne, Katherine Waterston, Dan Fogler, Alison Sudol and Director David Yates were present in person at London to interact with the fans. Actors Colin Farrell and Jon Voight also answered questions at a theater in Los Angeles, where Netflix streamed the event. To cap off the night, attendees received special “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them” t-shirts and collectible mini-posters.

Smaller-scale events still manage to heighten anticipation among fans. On Oct. 10, Marvel and Disney presented a free screening of Marvel’s “Doctor Strange” at IMAX theaters across North America. Fans who attended the event, titled “Expand Your Mind: An IMAX 3D Exclusive First Look,” also took home a collectible “Doctor Strange” movie poster. The screening was only a fifteen-minute preview — but fans were still raving about the film’s success on Twitter and Facebook immediately after.

Today, movie companies are almost expected to host exclusive screenings for upcoming films. Free screenings and events are effective ways to generate hype among fans, especially when the movie or tv show has not been prevalent for some time. Although they can be costly for movie and TV show companies to host, these celebrations and sneak previews are essential towards recognizing the fans' voices. After all, the cinematic industry requires the interaction of both sides of the screen  — between the audience and filmmakers  — to succeed.




Makeup for a Day

Meilinda Sun

Having never worn eyeliner nor applied eyeshadow, I decided to abandon my makeup-free life for a day. A pile of makeup I borrowed from a friend lay before me –– brushes of varying sizes, tubes with black and pink shiny liquids and shiny blocks of powder were displayed before me, and the impending task was to match the brushes with the makeup items. The only makeup products I know how to use are mascara and lipstick, since their application is simple enough that I use them often for special events and day-to-day activities. The rest –– the piles of translucent “matte” powders and “highlighter” (which happened to be pink and not blindingly yellow), however, were foreign.

I settled on attempting to apply pencil eyeliner, which looked straightforward enough; after all, I thought, it must be just like writing, except… on your face. I was wrong; to my surprise, the eyeliner didn’t show up at all (when I asked a friend why later on, she told me I hadn’t sharpened it). I asked a friend to put the eyeliner on for me: first she applied pencil eyeliner, and then gel. When I looked in the mirror to see the final result, my eyes seemed more defined from afar, but the thick line of black above my eyelids seemed excessive. My friend also tight lined my waterline. I had always thought that tight lining was going to hurt since it constitutes literally putting a pencil to the waterline (the section of your eyelid that almost touches your eye); however, because I did not feel any pain, I almost did not notice she was tightlining until she told me she was doing so. I also realized the precarious nature of eyeliner –– I tend to blink a lot, making the process difficult.

There are, equally, the problems of rain and heat. I have never felt the need to protect my face from either, but after some eyeliner eventually transferred from my eyelid to the bottom of my eye, I realized the risks of melting and smudging makeup, and, in turn, the importance of touching up!

Meilinda Before Makeup

Meilinda Before Makeup

Meilinda With Makeup

Meilinda With Makeup

My friends who wear makeup on a regular basis tell me that makeup is like an art – only my canvas is my face! Just like any kind of art, successful makeup application requires precision and practice. Few are talented enough to get their eyeliner “on fleek” on just the first try.

I am not a morning person, and I am often tardy. I cannot imagine waking up half an hour earlier than I normally do for the sole purpose of wearing makeup when I can barely roll out of bed in the first place. My inability to do so makes me admire those who wake up earlier to straighten their hair, put on makeup, and perfect their art.

While I do not wear makeup often, I enjoy tinkering with fashion, exploring different color schemes, and experimenting with new designs and fits. Makeup, too, is not static: different color eyeliners, eyeshadow combinations, trends, and techniques make it fun because there are always new things to try.


Thumbnail Image Courtesy of

How Much Do You Remember From Freshman Year?

Melissa Silva and Jeremy Xue

The staff of the Prospector quizzed students in 10th, 11th, and 12th grades about what they remember from their Freshman year. Check out the video below to see how well they did!


Freshman biology:
Q: What is the powerhouse of the cell? (Mitochondria)
Q: What was the project where you had to create your own eco system? (Eco-Columns)
Q: What are the paired nares of a pig? (Nostrils)

Freshman literature:
Q: What is the name of the main character of The Samurai’s Garden? (Stephen)
Q: Who kills Mercutio in Romeo and Juliet? (Tybalt)
Q: What is iambic pentameter? (When there are 10 syllables in a line and the stress is on every other syllable.)

Freshman P.E.:
Q: What is the name of the timed run which includes going up and down bleachers? (Sartwell Run)
Q: In what sport is a shepherd’s crook used as a safety measure? (Swimming)
Q: What (animal) was pickle ball named after? (a dog)

$20 Thrifting Challenge

CHS Prospector

With only $20 in their pockets to spend, three staffers of The Prospector visited three separate thrift stores.  Each staffer recorded their experiences below.  


1545 Parkmoor Ave, San Jose, CA 95128
Review by Isabel Lin

Courtesy of Savers

Courtesy of Savers

Savers is a for-profit thrift store chain that receives its merchandise through paying non-profit organizations for donated items or through direct donations. Items deemed resellable are sold in-store, and unsold items are recycled or sent to developing countries. 

Prices were about 50 percent cheaper than retail; in general, shorts were $7, shirts and blouses ranged between $4 and $8, and jackets were $13. 

Most items were visibly worn and used, but a small number of items appeared to be new or gently used. For the most part, clothing items were outdated and old-fashioned. 

The clothing at Savers was relatively organized; items were sorted by type, then size. It was easy to browse around for specific items, and the shopping experience was made even more convenient through shopping carts that were provided for customers.

For the individual with time to spare and extreme patience, Savers is a great thrift store to visit. Though most of Savers’ items may appear outdated or worn, the keen thrifter can find unique, like-new clothing items at Savers for just a fraction of retail value. 

PURCHASED ITEMS: Forever 21 blouse = $4.99, Forever 21 dress = $6.99, Newport News maxi dress = $7.99

Crossroads Trading

1959 West San Carlos, San Jose, CA 95128
Review by Jason Munoz

Courtesy of glassdoor

Courtesy of glassdoor

Crossroads is a high-end thrifting store which stocks branded and new or lightly used clothing. Clothing is received from customers, who are given money in exchange for their clothes. Crossroads looks for different clothes depending on the season.

As far as thrift stores go, clothes were pricey. Shirts were about ten dollars, but ranged up to twenty while pants went for about 15 to 25; however, many clothes still even had tags on them, so it was definitely cheaper than retail.

Very few items showed signs of wear, most looked almost new while many had tags on them still. Clothes were trendy and current, similar to clothes you might find at H&M or Urban Outfitters in style.

The clothes were well organized based on size, and different articles of clothing such as jackets and pants were placed on different racks. The men's clothing section was relatively small; however there was a much wider selection of clothing for female shoppers. Of note was the wide variety of shoes, with gently used shoes like Vans for under $20.

While not ideal for shopping on a tight budget, Crossroad’s offers high quality and stylish clothing to consumers wishing to dress well and spend far less money than they would at traditional retail stores.

PURCHASED ITEMS: Banana Republic short sleeve henley= $12 

Nearly New

225 E Maude Ave, Sunnyvale, CA 94085
Review by Maithilee Kanthi

Courtesy of Donna T. from yelp.

Courtesy of Donna T. from yelp.

Nearly New Shop is a non-profit thrift store that donates all proceeds to the Philanthropic Educational Organization (PEO) to provide women in the area with college scholarships. The store is staffed and operated entirely by PEO volunteers. Nearly New offers gently used items, such as clothes, houseware, books, and accessories. 

Clothes ranged from $2 to $20. However, Nearly New is currently holding a sale in which many items are priced even lower than their original resale value. Pants tended to be in the $15 range while shirts ranged from $3 for t-shirts to $20 for high-quality blouses. 

Most items seemed to be in a nearly new condition and there was an equal offering of clothing items in all sizes. Be warned though- most clothes fall under the description of outdated. Some items could be considered “vintage cool” or “retro”, but that’s the exception.

The level of organization at Nearly New Shop was commendable. There were racks for different types of clothing, such as dresses, blouses, pants, etc. The racks themselves were conveniently separated by size, and then further, by color. It was extremely easy to find what one was looking for in the store.

For someone who may be looking for a quick shopping trip and not expecting to carry home a major haul, Nearly New Shop is a wonderful store to check out. The kind staff and convenient organization make for a pleasant experience. And, despite the out-dated items, the selection can wield a hidden gem or two for a bargain. 

PURCHASED ITEMS: Black and white flannel - $3; Sutton Studio Black 100%-cashmere sweater - $18 


Thumbnail Image Courtesy of Klothes Kloset Thrift Store.

The Truth Behind Superfoods

Amy Zeng

Superfoods - everyone has probably heard this term at least once in their lives. Athletes, yoga gurus, dieticians, and all types of other health enthusiasts have lauded superfoods as the underlying reason for their fit bodies and success in reaching weight loss goals. Upon reading any nutritionist article on these “golden” foods, there has been no shortage of people rushing off to Whole Foods to stock up on blueberries and salmon, as well as many other lesser known foods like goji berries and quinoa. But how effective are these foods really?

Courtesy of Pixabay

Courtesy of Pixabay

Blueberries: One of the most popular superfoods around, blueberries are valued for their high amount of antioxidants, which help to cleanse the body of free radicals. Studies have found a definite correlation between blueberry intake and health benefits. According to the National Health Services of the UK, a study in 2012 showed that women who ate three or more servings of blueberries and strawberries had more than 30% lower risks for heart disease. 

Quinoa: This light brown grain that resembles a bowl of Rice Krispie Treats while dry is one of the most popular new superfoods around. Not only is it high in protein, fiber, vitamins, minerals, and potassium, but also gluten-free and can be eaten like rice and other grain-based foods. Though there is no guarantee that quinoa will taste as good as Rice Krispies, it is definitely much healthier.

Courtesy of Pixabay

Courtesy of Pixabay

Salmon: Though salmon is a type of food that is readily available and is commonly found on restaurant menus, it is also one of the healthiest foods around. Salmon has an abundance of healthy fats, like the Omega-3 fatty acids. According to a CureJoy article by Emma Olliff, a qualified nutritional therapist, these fatty acids reduce cholesterol and blood pressure while improving the appearance of skin and hair. Aside from Omega-3 fatty acids, salmon also contain vitamins that boost your brain’s performance.

Kale: A favorite with health-food enthusiasts, kale is the superfood that has been taking the world by storm. Companies everywhere from Whole Foods to McDonalds have jumped on the kale bandwagon, taking advantage of the fad to push kale chips, kale brownies, and even chocolate kale fudge pops to eager consumers. Kale is one of the healthiest foods around, boasting immense amounts of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, according to Time Magazine. In fact, one serving of kale contains more than 650% of the suggested daily amount of vitamin A, and more 900% of vitamin K! 

Though the benefits of superfoods may not be as amazing as they claim to be, eating superfoods is still extremely beneficial for the human body. As Despina Hyde said in an article by Live Science, “‘As a dietician, I think that ‘superfood’ is more of a marketing term for foods that have health benefits.’” Superfoods may not have all the superpowers of Batman, but they are at least good enough to be Robin.


Love Worth Sharing

Isabel Lin

Roses are red, 
Violets are blue,
If Valentine’s Day is filling you with dread,
Here are some easy DIY gift ideas for you!

For the Ladies:

Courtesy of A Pumpkin & A Princess

Courtesy of A Pumpkin & A Princess

Message in a Bottle Valentine
Cost: Less than $3
What could be more romantic than a love letter? A heartfelt letter rolled into a Valentine’s day-themed glass bottle of course!

Instructions here.

Memory Jar
Cost: Less than $3
Commemorate your favorite memories together with this timeless jar filled with descriptions of your most treasured memories with her!

Instructions here.

For the Gents:

Courtesy of Eighteen25.

Courtesy of Eighteen25.

“Made with Love” Cookie Jar
Cost: <$5
Give your sweetheart a (sweet) batch of homemade cookies! Store your lovingly-made cookies in a glass container adorned with a cute card.

Instructions here.

Candy Bouquet
Cost: <$5
Who doesn’t love candy? Build a bouquet for him using his favorite treats!

Instructions here.



For Friends:

Candy-Filled Poppers
Cost: <$5
Fill these eco-friendly poppers with various treats and candies- your friends will appreciate the sweet surprise!

Instructions here.

Courtesy of Amanda's Cookin'.

Courtesy of Amanda's Cookin'.

Valentine’s Day Cupcakes
Cost: <$5

Make your favorite cupcake recipe Valentine’s Day-appropriate simply by placing a marble in the cupcake tin prior to baking! These heart-shaped cupcakes are sure to satisfy your friends’ cravings. 

Instructions here.


Thumbnail Image Courtesy of at the picket fence.

Quick Getaways in the Bay

Stephanie Shi


Images Courtesy of Flickr and Pandemonium Aviaries

Most Anticipated Movies of 2016

Allison Lo

With such a wide variety of movies coming out this year, the choices can be overwhelming. The next time you can’t decide what to see at the movie theater, use this movie guide to help you decide. 


Secret Santa Gift Ideas

Shalmali Patil


Thumbnail Image Courtesy of Torangue

Fall Recipes 2015

Catherine Seok

Click on the image for the full recipe!


Thumbnail Image Courtesy of The Ginger Pig Blog.

Thanksgiving Recipes

Josephine Robinson

Click on the image of your choice to find the full recipe!


Thumbnail Image Courtesy of The Nurse Wanderer.

Easy and Simple Halloween Recipes

Jennifer Zaratan

Note: Click on images to find more information about the individual recipes.

1. Peanut Butter Cups

Difficulty: Easy

These are basically foolproof, plus super easy, so if you’re not into the whole decorating thing and/or seem to easily mess up on baking things, these should be a perfectly safe option.

Courtesy of one good.thing by Jillee

Courtesy of one good.thing by Jillee

(2) 12oz bags of chocolate chips
(½ cup) creamy peanut butter
(¼ cup) powdered sugar
(2 tablespoons) butter

1. Melt half of the chocolate in a microwave in short 15-30 second increments, stirring after each time, or over a double boiler (a bowl over a pot of boiling water, but the bottom of the bowl should not be touching the water).
2. Line a mini cupcake tin (or a big one’s okay too, no judgements) with cupcake liners.
3. Scoop a spoonful of chocolate into each one, spreading it around the sides and bottom until you have an even coating. As an alternative if it seems too messy, you can just spread a flat, even layer of the chocolate instead. Place it in the freezer for at least 15 minutes. 
4. Mix the peanut butter, powdered sugar, and butter (softened), preferably with an electric mixer until well-combined and fluffy.
5. Place a spoonful of the peanut butter mixture onto each chocolate cup and spread until you have an even layer. Place back into the freezer for another 15 minutes or more.                             6. Melt the rest of the chocolate and spread it on the tops of each cup. Let it sit in the freezer for a final 15 minutes before serving.   

2. Candy Corn Cupcakes

Difficulty: Easy

Disclaimer: these do not actually taste like candy corn.  If you don’t want to make it from scratch, you can buy a cake mix. Just make sure that it’s white or yellow so that the colors will turn out better. 

Courtesy of Two Tiny Kitchens

Courtesy of Two Tiny Kitchens

(1) boxed cake mix
Yellow and orange food coloring
Frosting, store bought                                                                                                                                       OR
(½ cup) butter (1 stick)
(1-2 tablespoons) milk
(1 1/2 teaspoons) vanilla
(2 cups) powdered sugar

1. Prepare your cake batter according to instructions. 
2. Separate your batter into 2 bowls. Add yellow food coloring to one and orange food coloring to the other, adding a few drops at a time until you get a vibrant color. 
3. Line your cupcake pan with cupcake liners; white, semi-transparent liners are best so that once they bake, you’ll be able to see the colors from the outside (without having to take off the wrapper first). Scoop yellow batter in first, spreading it out and/or lightly banging the pan on the table to level it out. Add on the orange batter. Both batters should only go up to about ¾ of the cupcake liner. 
4. Bake at 350 degrees for 20-25 minutes (or according to box instructions).                                 5. Follow instructions to make frosting here.                                                                                       6. Pipe on the white frosting on with a ziplock bag or piping bag. As an optional step, you can garnish the top with a candy corn.  

3. Skeleton Grave Brownies

Difficulty: Easy

These ones are great because they work for both Halloween and Finals week!

Courtesy of TREATS 4 TA-TAS

Courtesy of TREATS 4 TA-TAS

Making them from scratch usually tastes better, but if you have better things to do, you can always just buy a brownie mix.

For the brownies:
(1) brownie mix package                                                                                                                                       OR
(1 cup) butter (2 sticks of butter)
(3 cups) white sugar
(1 tablespoon) vanilla extract
(4 eggs)
(1 1/2 cup) flour
(1 cup) unsweetened cocoa powder
pinch of salt

For the decorations:
White frosting
Marshmallows (optional)

Materials needed:
9 x 13 baking pan
ziplock bag
clean scissors (or a knife as an alternative)
serrated knife

Steps - For the brownies:
1. If using a mix, prepare according to the box’s directions. 
2. Melt the butter, and add in the sugar and vanilla into a large bowl. Beat in the eggs one at a time, mixing each time until incorporated. 
3. Sift flour, cocoa powder, and salt. Add the dry mixture into the wet ingredients and stir just until incorporated. Make sure if you’re using an electric mixer you use the paddle attachment (not the whisk). 
4. Grease a 9x13 baking dish and bake at 350 degrees Fahrenheit, for 35 to 40 minutes, or until toothpick comes out clean.     

Steps - Assembly:
1. After letting the brownies cool completely (very important unless you want to end up as a Pinterest fail), use a serrated knife to cut the brownies into a coffin shape (pictured).
2. Spray your clean scissors with cooking spray and cut the marshmallows in half (the cooking spray just makes it easier to cut through and not get all sticky with the marshmallow goo). 
3. Put the frosting in a piping bag or ziplock bag and cut a small hole at the tip. Add a bit of frosting and attach the marshmallow to your brownie. Alternatively, if you don’t have marshmallows you can just draw a circle on with the frosting like the rest of the body. 
4. Pipe on the rest of the skeletons body, by starting with a straight line for the torso, then adding three short lines across for the skeleton’s ribs, legs, arms and finally the head. Then as an additional step, you can draw on the skeleton’s face to add more character and make it seem less like a dead corpse and more like a person.                                 
5. For the “top” of the coffin, pipe a “RIP” or whatever expression you want.                              

4. Eyeball Cake Pops

Difficulty: Medium

There’s a lot of room to change it it up to your liking for this one. You just need a filling of some sort, whether that be cookie dough (preferably edible, because you know, the whole salmonella thing) or just classic truffles or cake pops. I prefer red velvet cake pops, because that’s just how I imagine the inside of eyeballs to look like, but to each his own. 

Courtesy of TREATS 4 TA-TAS

Courtesy of TREATS 4 TA-TAS

Ingredients:                                                                                                                                        Red Velvet Cake Mix
White chocolate
Blue, red, and black candy melting wafers or frosting
Chocolate chips 

1. Follow the instructions on the Red Velvet Cake Mix box.  
2. Crumble up the cake after it has finished baking with your hands until all of it is crumbs. Add frosting a little bit at a time, stirring in between until you get a play-dough-y consistency. 
3. Roll into balls and put in the fridge for half an hour. Optional: dip cake pop sticks into melted chocolate and freeze. 
4. Melt the chocolate in the microwave or over a double boiler. If using the microwave, heat it up in 15-30 second increments, stirring each time in between until it’s smooth.                                 
5. Make sure if you put your cake pops in the freezer, you take them out a few minutes before to thaw a little before trying to dip them in the chocolate, as they will expand as they get warm and crack the chocolate (but if that happens, no worries, it’ll be like the eyeball is cut open or something). Dip each ball in the chocolate, letting the excess chocolate fall off before placing it on wax paper or a silicon mat. Put them back in the fridge for another half hour or until the chocolate is hard.                                                                                                                                 6. Decorate the eyeballs by putting your melted candy melts/frosting in a piping bag or ziplock bag and cutting a small hole at the tip. If the cake pops are not on a stick, it’s recommended to use the candy melting wafers or royal icing so that it will harden and not get messed up when you put them back down. Draw a circle for the iris in blue (or whatever color you prefer/have), then a smaller darker circle in black or brown for the pupil. Alternatively, you can just stick a chocolate chip in. Add red eye lines around it. Wait for the candy melts/icing to dry before serving.         

Taste Test - Halloween Edition

CHS Prospector

By Lily Marvin and Jeremy Xue

Mr. Choe vs. Mr. Mitchell: one of the greatest rivalries Cupertino High School has ever seen. After the epic Root beer float showdown ended in a tie, (neither could get past 5) they took their battle to new grounds; candy tasting. Both were blindfolded and then given five candies to identify.

The rules were simple. Both were given the candies at the same time. Whomever could correctly name the candy first would receive a point. If multiple candies were mixed a half point was given for each correct answer. If the first person to guess was wrong the opponent was given the chance to make a guess. If neither got the name of the candy, no points were given.


Lily Marvin is currently an Online Assistant for The Prospector.  Jeremy Xue is currently a Photo Editor for The Prospector.

Thumbnail Image Courtesy of Flickr.