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Samantha Mendenhall - Week 7


Samantha Mendenhall - Week 7

Erin Song

Q:  How would you describe your style?
A:  My style is kind of retro and sometimes edgy or bright. It really varies.

Q:  Do you usually follow a certain style when dressing up for the day?
A:  My style really depends on my [current] mood and the way I feel the day before. [For example,] if I feel happy, I will wear bright colors. If I feel like I can accomplish anything in the world, I [will] wear mostly red or black, usually with red lipstick.

Q:  Do you usually prepare your outfits before getting dressed for school, or do you choose your outfits in the morning?
A:  [I choose my outfits] in the spur of the moment!  Just to feel confident.  I get really stressed out during the school year, so I might as well look good while doing it.

Q:  What are your favorite stores to buy clothes?
A:  Forever 21 and mainly TopShop. I need to go thrift shopping more often[, too].

Q:  Is there any specific type of clothing that you like to wear?
A:  A lot of things that are retro and vintage.

Q:  What is your go-to piece to make an outfit complete?
A:  Makeup, lipstick, a statement piece... A go-to piece [is] something that gives a unique taste, so for me, that would be my flower crowns. I usually [wear] a flower crown and jewelry.

Q:  Where do you get fashion inspiration?
A:  I’m always inspired by other people: Solange [Knowles], Janelle Monae, and the Goes family [laughs].

Q:  What would you tell people who would want to emulate your style?
A:  Just be yourself - be comfortable. If you don’t feel like you can pull it off then it will seem like you can’t pull it off. If you are comfortable wearing it, wear it, and don’t feel pressured [to do anything].


Photos Courtesy of Ethan Qi.