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Abby Won - Week 5


Abby Won - Week 5

Catherine Seok

Q:  What part of fashion interests you the most? Why?
A:  Shoes are definitely my favorite because there are so many options you have compared to jackets. I really like boots and sandals a lot; I don’t wear a lot of sneakers. Boots are pretty versatile, I guess I just really like wearing clothes for fall.

Q:  What’s your go-to store? Why?
A:  Forever 21, they have everything that I need!  I usually buy a lot of sweaters a lot of plain t-shirts [because] they’re good for winter [while] in the summer, I get a lot of crop tops.

Q: What’s your absolute favorite item of clothing or accessory that own?
A: My watch. It’s from Nordstrom and I like it as a birthday present. I’ve been wanting it for a really long time and it means a lot to me.      

Q:  How would you describe your style? What were you influenced by?
A:  I just go with the trends! [For example, some] upper classmen that graduated are "instafamous".  They’re super nice and I want to be like them. Their style is unique, and they only dress to please themselves. Also, their style is unique and #ootdwatch worthy.

Q:  How has your style evolved over time?
A:  It’s still the same; I still follow trends, it’s just that now I’m comfortable wearing whatever I want. In the past, I tried to flaunt my style by wearing things that made me look really fobby. What I mean by comfortable is even though I like wearing [nice clothes], I could wear sweatpants and be comfortable with it.

Q:  What’s one piece of clothing that you can’t live without?
A:  I was going to say a bra, but I don’t think I can say that. So I would say jeans. They’re basically a staple someone needs in their closet, because you can wear basically any top with them. [For example,] on lazy days, I’d just throw on a sweater, and some days when I kind of want to try, I’d wear a tank top and a cardigan. You can wear anything with jeans. They’re comfortable!

Q:  Why do you think your style is unique?
A:  I guess what makes [my style] unique is that I don’t care what other people think [of] what I wear. I don’t always dress up, so it’s not like I have a daily reputation to keep.

Q:  What “non-mainstream” stores do you like to shop at?
A:  I like thrift shopping at random stores, too! Most of the time I end up buying men’s clothes because they’re more versatile than girls’. Usually I would buy big [men’s] shirts from Uniqlo. They fit pretty well and they look ok as well.

Q:  What are some underrated trends that you like?
A:  I actually like socks and sandals. Nowadays, people look at them and say, “WHAT ARE THOSE,” but [they’re] so comfortable ...

Q: How do you use clothing to express yourself?
A: I choose comfort over trying to stand out for others! Other people’s opinions don’t really matter to me, and I just wear what I want.

Q: What advice would you give to someone who wants to be a “fashionista?”
A: You don’t have to stand out to be different or show of your style. You can wear anything and that could be your sense of style. It’s all up to you!


Photos Courtesy of Jason Muñoz.