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No Shave November Edition - Aakash Adesara - Week 10


No Shave November Edition - Aakash Adesara - Week 10

Jeremy Xue

Q:  Why do you do no-shave?
A:  I did it sophomore year, junior year, and this year. It’s really fun, I try to get my friends and random people involved and do it, and every year, my beard grows out a bit more and the reactions are always pretty similar.

Q:  What were some of the reactions that you received by doing noshave?
A:  Well what always happens is for the first couple days, I have this childish look and it’s just usual reactions from people. Into the second and third week, people start noticing the beard and it starts shaping around the jawline and stuff. Fourth week is around the time when people ask to feel my beard and it’s pretty bushy. For the most part, most guys say the beard looks cool on me and make me look mature. Girls on the other hand are more split. I’d say like ¾ of my female friends think my beard looks disgusting whereas the other ¼ says it’s a good look. I don’t know, depends on the person I guess.

Q:  What did you have to do to maintain your facial hair
A:  Oooh, fun question. This year, I bought a trimmer from target. With it, I was able to shape my beard with it. It’s like one of those electric razors barbers use to shave off behind the neck hair and do sideburns and stuff. Apart from just maintaining the shape, I also started creaming my beard downwards so it’s not too scraggly and all over the place. I also had to make sure the mustache hairs didn’t get too long since it started tickling my lips and felt kinda gross. I also had to comb it downwards in the final couple days of the month. 

Q:  Did you enjoy the experience?
A:  Yes! It was interesting to see how people treated me differently as the beard continued to grow out. Like, first it was just kiddy and the adults in my life like teachers and my parents and friends parents just treated me like a kid and then as it began growing out, people treated me like I’m really old. There was this one time I had a conversation with this Stanford PhD and at the end of it, she asked me where I went to college and I was all like, “Umm, I’m still a senior in high school haha” and she went like “Wahhhhh”.

Q:  Was there any part of your lifestyle that you had to change by doing no-shave?
A:  Well, I developed this habit of stroking my beard in class all the time. On December 1st, I was just sitting i class and reached up to stroke my chin but realized my beard wasn’t there and it just felt really weird.

Q:  How often do you normally shave?
A:  Depends. If nothing’s going on, once every week. If I’m lazy then I let it grow out for 2 weeks. If there is a party or formal event or something, I just get rid of it.


Photos Courtesy of Jeremy Xue.