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Hannah Goes - Week 1


Hannah Goes - Week 1

Delanie Medina

Q: How would you categorize your style?  
A: I’d probably just go with vintage since I don’t just shop at any one type of store or restrict myself to certain brands.  

Q: How long does it take you to get ready in the morning?
A: Around 25 to 30 minutes, it really depends on how I choose to do my makeup and hair that day like if I do thicker and longer eyeliner or put on lipstick, it’ll take longer.

Q: What type of makeup look do you like best?
A: Definitely dark and thick eyeliner, I never leave the house without any on because it completes every outfit.

Q: Where do you usually get your clothes from?
A: Usually swap meets, thrift stores, and vintage shops. I always find great things when I go, it’s fun. It's actually really funny because when people ask me where I get my clothes, I don’t know how to respond since I usually just pull them out of a trash bag or large bin at a swap meet. Swap meets are really exciting because you never know what you're gonna find and the stuff people bring is always reasonably priced.

Q: Is there any person or any place that gives you inspiration for your look?
A: My mom has definitely influenced me and my style but so has Debbie Harry, Twiggy, and Cher from the movie Mask. I’d also have to attribute a lot of my look to Alex Olson and his latest brand, Bianca Chandon, because he's going for the 70's style and I love that type of style.

Q: What do you like best about your outfits?
A: They’re always unique and I never accidentally match with anyone. I love going out and finding new things so I always have a new outfit to wear.

Q: Do you have a favorite accessory?
A: Yeah, my chunky sterling silver and turquoise rings but I’m also really attached to my 14k gold Elvis necklace.

Q: How often do you go shopping?
A: Like once a week but I mostly go to swap meets so it doesn’t really count as shopping! If I can’t go to a meet, I’ll usually just go to a thrift shop or a vintage store. I rarely go to the mall and if I do, it’s only to buy makeup.


Photos Courtesy of Jason Muñoz.