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Danielle Nagtalon - Week 2


Danielle Nagtalon - Week 2

Michelle Pyke

Q:  How would you categorize your style in general?
A:  I think it [depends on] how I feel in the morning or how I want to present myself [that day] because sometimes I want to feel Bohemian or maybe I feel a little bit more relaxed and I just want to tone it down.  Sometimes I want to be bold.  I accept a lot of different styles.

Q:  Which style would you describe as your favorite?
A:  That’s really hard for me because I really like looking at some people [who are] classy and sometimes I like the grudge/rock look.  It depends.

Q:  How long does it take you to get ready in the morning?
A:  I would say thirty minutes.

Q:  Does that include doing your hair?
A:  Yeah, it’s makeup, hair, and clothes.  During the weekends recently, I have all of my outfits set for the week, so in the morning I’m not rushing or anything.  On the weekends I take pictures with Jason for my blog, so now that I have all those pictures ready, I can just post them daily.

Q:  What kind of makeup style do you like the best?
A:  It depends on the look I’m trying to go for.  A lot of times I get lazy and just do eyeliner.

Q:  Where do you usually get your clothes from?
A:  Recently I’ve been thrifting a lot, so I like to save money.  I feel like you could have a lot of good finds at Goodwill and Savers instead of spending 20 dollars on a shirt.


Q:  Is there any person or any place that gives you inspiration for your look?
A:  I’d say a lot of Youtubers.  There’s Jenn Im (from clothesencounters) and she’s a big influence on me.  I love watching her videos and she inspires me to do more like making a blog and sharing what I love to do.

Q:  Have you ever thought of doing Youtube or will you just stick with blogs?
A:  I’m going to stick with doing blogs for now, but I was thinking this summer maybe I could start doing Youtube or just doing fashion hauls.

Q:  What do you like best about your outfits?
A:  I think it’s more unique [because I] dress the way [I] want to dress.  I like that freedom.

Q:  Do you have a favorite accessory?
A: HATS.  Like not just one hat, but I’m obsessed with hats.  It could be a cowboy hat or it could be one of those floppy hats or even a baseball cap or a beanie.

Q:  How often do you go shopping?
A:  Sometimes on the weekends if I have time.  The only place I’ll go to is just Goodwill down the street.


Photos Courtesy of Jason Muñoz.