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Lookbook Edition - MinJi Kim - Week 12


Lookbook Edition - MinJi Kim - Week 12

Catherine Seok

Q: Why did you choose this outfit? (Day 1)
A: Well, this morning, I checked the weather first. I saw that it would be about 60 degrees, so I wore a scarf. These days, the color camel is trending, and that is why I chose to wear these shoes and this jacket. Plus, I love American Eagle jeans; I wear them everyday.
Q: What is your most often worn piece of clothing/jewelry?
A: I wear American Eagle jeans really often, but I would have to say I wear this sweater the most often because I really like wearing jackets, and you always need something to wear underneath the jacket. So, I just wear this sweater because it always matches, even though I don’t like wearing the sweater alone. Even though I wear this sweater so often, I switch it up by wearing different jackets.
Q: What’s your favorite accessory?
A: I also really like my necklace I’m wearing right now. I got it from Etsy, and I really wanted it because it’s unique and looks like a waterdrop. These days, because it’s winter, I do not get the chance to show my neck that often, so I don’t wear it as much. In the summer, however, I definitely will.

Q: Who influences your style?
A: My mom! A lot of the clothes I wore were actually borrowed from her, and I feel like we have a very similar sense of style. I also get inspiration from watching chictopia, a Youtube channel. It is an amazing channel because the people in charge study and observe current trends. It is really interesting to watch.
Q: How would you classify your sense of style?
A: I really like clean and mature outfits. For example, if I am wearing something thick, like this jacket or scarf, it makes my outfit seem stuffy. So, I balance it by having my hair up. Also, I would say my style is just comfortable.
Q: What’s your favorite store/brand?
A: Zara is by far my favorite store. Although it is a little pricy, it has the best jackets; they’re warm, good quality, and their style is timeless. Stores such as H&M and Forever 21 keep up with the current trends, but since trends die quickly, the clothes aren’t made to last. However, Zara’s clothing is more durable.  

Q: As this week’s fashionista, what would you say to anyone who aspires to become a “fashionista”? 
A: I do not actually consider myself a fashionista. I just wear what I want to wear; in fact, a lot of the clothes I wear are clothes that I have had since middle school, but I was just too shy to wear them in public. I would just say [you should] have confidence in what you choose to wear, even if it may not follow trends. All that matters is if it is aesthetically pleasing to yourself. Besides, everyone has to wear clothes, so you might as well make it look nice.