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Once On This Island - Spring Musical Review


Once On This Island - Spring Musical Review

Melissa Silva

CAT’s performance of Once On This Island, which followed a story of forbidden love between a peasant girl and a higher class boy, proved to be an entertaining and well-portrayed play, thanks to the strong actors and beautiful costumes. 

Most of the actors who portrayed main characters shone in their roles. The singing was powerful overall, and the acting was entertaining.

The costumes and makeup were creative and fit the story effectively. Many, if not all, of the actors had customized temporary tattoos, which reflected the characters they portrayed. There was a slightly contemporary look in the costuming, evidenced by the Mickey Mouse and Pizza My Heart t-shirts, tweaked to fit the “peasant” roles they played. The makeup, especially for David Lee and Hilary Oglesby, was beautifully detailed to reflect their characters. 

The only major complaint I would have as an audience member would be the technological issues during the performance, such as the mic trouble and static from the speakers. 

Overall, Once On This Island was yet another strong CAT performance. 


Thumbnail Image Courtesy of Jason Muñoz.