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Music Recommendations

French Artists

Sudarshan Kannan

The land of croissants and baguettes, as well as internationally unpopular cars, France certainly exports some of the best rap and house music I’ve ever found. It’s funny, because one look at me, and you would never expect me to ever consider listening to French music. To be honest, you’re probably right. In the past when I chose the music I listened to, I usually tended to stick to familiar artists such as Jay-Z, Maroon 5, and Eminem. All of that changed, however, when I was hanging out with a friend before track practice, and I asked her if we could split the earbuds. At first, I was a little surprised when hearing French music out of the earbuds, as neither one of us spoke French, and even the artist’s name, Stromae,  was pretty odd. Anyways, I came home that night and the first thing I did was look Stromae up. What started with the click of a few keys eventually became an obsession, and now I listen to more French music than any other genre.

If you are more into the house and EDM brand, Stromae is your best bet, with hit songs “Alors En Danse” and “Papaoutai” reaching the top of the charts throughout Europe. One of the unique characteristics of Stromae’s music is his ability to blend in various instruments and vocals along with the computer produced aspects, something that is hard to find in most American EDM. Whether you want to get pumped up for a workout or simply want to relax, listening to some Stromae definitely would not be a bad idea.

Maitre Gims
Maitre Gims, on the other hand, produces some of the most “turnt” music I’ve ever heard. It’s pretty hard to describe, because all you have to do is listen to “Laissez Passer”, which is my clear favorite. If you thought Adam Levine hits high notes well, Maitre Gims clearly one-ups him on the playing field.