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Music Recommendations

Latin Artists

Saagar Sanghavi

Though we often consider mainstream “pop music” to be the only form of modern music, countries around the world have evolved their music styles and formed new genres in recent years as technology continues to influence people worldwide. Kpop, for one, became popular through PSY’s “Gangnam Style” (which I, by the way, still despise) and Bollywood gained recognition with popular item numbers including “Sheila ki Jawani” and “Chammak Challo”.  Latin Pop has been also making a rise, with Enrique Iglesias’ “Bailando” and “El Perdon” topping the charts not only in Latin America, but also in the United States and across Europe.  After careful curating over four hours worth of Latin Pop music, I compiled some of my personal favorite artists and titles in the genre. Check out the videos below and see which ones you want to add to your next Spotify playlist.

Daddy Yankee                                                                                                                                     Puerto Rican Ramón Luis Ayala Rodríguez, also known as Daddy Yankee, recently swept through Spanish-speaking nations across South America, the Caribbean, and Mexico with his record-breaking single, “Limbo”. Inspired by the popular Native Caribbean “limbo” game, Daddy Yankee created an anthem with an upbeat, catchy buzz that makes listeners want to jump out of their seats and dance. Reaching out to people as far away as Croatia and Thailand, “Limbo” was a phenomenal success. Personally, I think that not only does it make for great workout music, but it helps liven the mood while doing chemical research or any kind of menial busy work as well. Some of my other personal favorites from Daddy Yankee include “Sigueme y Te Sigo”, “La Nueva y La Ex”,  “La Noche de los Dos”, and  “Lovumba”. Each having it’s own contagious rhythm, Daddy Yankee’s titles are among my top choices.

Don Omar
Making a huge appearance with “Danza Kuduro”, Don Omar’s reggae-pop style has a unique feel that I personally enjoy. While he often “borrows” motifs from other artists, each of his songs have very distinct sounds that are unlike any. Among my favorites, and his most popular, are “Salió el Sol”,  “Taboo” and  “Perdido en tus Ojos”.

While not as upbeat and exciting as the previous two artists, Camila has a more melancholy, blues-rock feel that I personally think is interesting and conveys powerful emotions through the tonality and dynamic contrast. After I first heard “Todo Cambio” and “Mientes” in Spanish class, this group caught my attention and soon became a common artist on my playlist. Songs such as “De que me sirve la Vida” and “Perdón” are among their top hits, and I personally found them to be a refreshing change in style from most of my other favorites.