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Tino Spring Fest


Tino Spring Fest

Isabel Lin and Jenn Zaratan

The afternoon of Friday, April 22, the school hosted its very first Spring Fest. Filled with free games, food, and performances, the festival drew out many students and teachers.

The festival was set up in a similar manner to that of a carnival -- in the decorated, music-filled quad, people were free to move about and choose activities as they pleased. The booths, which were spread out throughout the quad, varied from henna to aiming ping pong balls into a cup; in one popular game, participants were given ten attempts to pitch a dime into water jugs. Tickets were awarded to winners and could be redeemed for small prizes such as stamps. Each game booth was run by enthusiastic student volunteers who patiently explained game rules. At the end of the night, a raffle with valuable prizes was drawn from.

In addition to the activities, Spring Fest also offered free snacks for participants to enjoy, such as chips, crackers, and Rice Krispies. Food trucks were also present for participants to purchase comfort food such as nachos. Unfortunately, the hotly-anticipated and heavily advertised T-pumps pearl milk tea ran out about an hour into the festival.

“[I came because] everyone was advertising the free food, the free boba, [but] my favorite part was watching all the performances, [and] just hanging out with all my friends [...] outside of school,” freshman Divya Rao said.

The student performances, which seemed to be the highlight of the event, celebrated and showcased Cupertino High’s talented student body. Performances included dances from Latino Club, Tino Dhankan and Korean Club. Cupertino’s improv team Comedy Hour also made an appearance. Each performance was scheduled throughout the night, along with onstage games played by volunteer participants. The night closed with a performance from the music group Mass98.

Although many were incentivized to attend (and later, disappointed) by the tempting free boba, the Spring Fest still managed to make a positive impression on many of the students and faculty; the variety of activities and performances, paired with the laid-back and open setting, brought a certain uniqueness to the event compared to others held at the school. An overall successful event with an impressive turnout, Spring Fest could very well become a valued tradition in the future.

Photos Courtesy of Jenn Zaratan.