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Rally Coverage

Homecoming - Final Friday 2016

Leo Rassieur, Edward Hsu, Justine Qiu and Michelle Ma

Homecoming weeks come to a close with the final Friday. The rally featured performances by the freshmen boys, the sophomore "couples," the Junior boys and finally, the senior group. The results for both the rally and the entire week were Seniors, Juniors, Sophomores and finally Freshmen. Congratulations to all of the classes!

Thumbnail image by Catherine Seok

Homecoming - Seniors 2016

Nico Chilla

The Seniors gave a forceful final homecoming performance with their Star Wars theme. Equipped with light sabers, this is the last time they will light up the gym for homecoming. Best of wishes to the class of 2017! 

Video By Daniel Lee

Homecoming - Freshmen 2016

Jennifer Zaratan

Homecoming week kicked off today with the Freshmen class. With Percy Jackson as their theme, the boys (Camp Jupiter) and the girls (Camp Half-Blood) battled it out for Dusty's attention. Congratulations to the Freshmen on making it through their first homecoming. Job well done!