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Response to April Fools' Issue Feedback

On April 1, The Prospector released its annual April Fools' issue of the paper. Filled with satire, play on words, self-deprecation, and pop culture references, the issue was meant to make the student population laugh, as it has done so for years.

Unfortunately, a couple of our articles received negative feedback from the community; namely, our "White History Year" article on page 8. We at The Prospector welcome all sorts of criticism, as we believe that conversation is the only way for us to grow as individuals and as a community. 

Our staff has decided to reach out to the community and understand the perspective of different people from different backgrounds and the way they view race. What we found was that race is a topic on which no one person has the exact same experience. Due to the diversity of our region, everyone has interacted with individuals of other races and everyone has felt the benefits and drawbacks of their differences.

Therefore, we have decided to create an online series discussing race at CHS. We understand that no one person’s story can, nor should, represent the story of their entire people. We would like to hear from students, parents, teachers, and community members about how they have experienced race in their community, whether that be through their upbringing, their interactions with other people of other backgrounds, or the way racial differences and similarities have affected them. 

It is our hope that through open dialogue, we can learn to see one another as more than our race or background, and instead, begin to acknowledge the factors that make up our individual characters. We, The Prospector, see an opportunity for our community to build a more honest and accepting environment through discussion. We would like to invite you to join us. 

The Prospector staff


If you would like to participate in our series about racial issues at Cupertino High School, please contact us privately at: