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News Assistants
Gene Kim                                   Anshul Rajwanshi

Opinions Assistants
Leo Rassieur
Esha Radhakrishnan

Features Assistants
Edward Hsu
Santosh Mularidaran

Lifestyles Assistants
Henry Zhang                               Nico Chilla

Sports Assistant                           Neerali Shah                                   Christina Shao

Flip Side Assistant
Elena Chang

Online Assistants
Michelle Ma
Utkarsh Tandon

Photo Assistant                           Justine Qiu                                     Matthew Webb


Ann Peck

Editors in Chief
Meilinda Sun
Melissa Silva                                                                                                                       Shalmali Patil

Online Editors
Josephine Robinson
Lily Rosen Marvin

News Editor
Ethan Qi

Opinions Editor
Peter Martin

Features Editor
Aishwarya Laddha

Lifestyles Editor
Allison Lo

Sports Editor
Erin Song

Flip Side Editor
Shalmali Patil

Photo Editors
Catherine Seok
Jennifer Zaratan

Copy Editors
Amy Zeng
Saagar Sanghavi
Sudarshan Kannan
Caroline Gee

Business Manager
Amy Zeng


Applications for the journalism program are open to all freshmen, sophomores and juniors during the beginning of second semester. Click here for more information.


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